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The Eclipse was formed by Tamás Tisza - guitar, Tamás Barna - guitar and Attila Hudák - bass. Later on Attila Szarvas - drums, enjoyed the band. In the same year, we recorded our first demo called "Demo 90", which had a very good reaction around the country. It became the best demo of the month in the 'Hard Life' Magazine of that time. We couldn't make the public acquainted with it in a wide ranging, we had to join the army. This is the reason why the band fell out from the musical rotation.

Eclipse has entered the stage again in the August of 1992. Our second demo "The Man With Capitals" came out at this time. On this record our new drummer, József Takács, has already played. The band had felt that we should exceeded from the early root of techno-trash to a new combination of musical forms. At this time, Tibor Rákos has enjoyed the band as a singer. With a lead vocalist and librettist, we grew bigger and separated the guitar-vocal combination.

As a matter of fact the story of today's Eclipse can estimate from this time. In the new songs, unambigously have appeared the elements from psychedelic, doom and jazz music. These elements became recognizable in the harmonies and structural setting up of the songs. Obviously, the lyrics also became full of thought and more ironic. The progressive impressions, assymmetrical rhythmes and the different musical settings from the 'standard rock' have divided the audiences. But it produced immediately the appreciation of the musical trade and a higher level of audiences. We can prove it with the compatition of Rockland's talent scouting that we won in 1994. We had recorded a promotional record in the January of 1996 so thus we got on to a released seleciton of the Metal Hammer Hungarica's 'Demonstráció III.' in 1996.

The LMS' talent scouting which was organized in March of the next year and ended with the success for the band. With this first place we have won a record contract and made our first album, which is called "Soft Orange". It was released by us (because of the incorrect behaviour of the Record Company).
In 2006, the second album was released online.
In 2010, Tamás Dömötör became a new member as drummer.
In 2012 László Zabari is a newest member as drummer.

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